Soul Be It

Matt DePalma - Trombone, Vocals

Producer/performer/bandleader Matt DePalma has studied diversely throughout the music industry. Though majoring in classical performance, performing alongside some of today's hottest R&B groups has enabled him to develop his extremely bold yet tasteful sound.

Matthew began his musical journey a few years ago, after an unfortunate accident had required him to put his horn down for just around seven years. Rejoining the scene after all that time ignited a fire, as well as a hidden void. Piecing together projects and studio performance soon became more than just a hobby, as since then he has produced many successful bands, performed on countless albums, and has shared the stage with many talented musicians such as Columbia recording artist Kyle Jason, Billy Joel, and the legendary Chuck D of public enemy.

Being an active member of both the classical and club-dating communities, he continues to strive toward new heights in musical production and versatile performance.