Soul Be It

Gregg Rai - Guitar

I was born in Philly. I've played and sang on the sidewalks of South Street but refused to accept money, preferring to grease the people who were forced to listen to me. I started my New York musical journey in Brooklyn “from where all life flows”. I've been in every stinky rehearsal studio in Manhattan. I gigged in the city for around ten years at clubs such as The Bitter End, CBGB, Lone Star, Knitting Factory, Webster Hall, Ludlow Café, and in any place with a microphone. I've been in numerous bands including Tropic Of Cancer, a septet for which I wrote a great deal of music. I have recorded with and/or provided material for several bands including Tropic Of Cancer, Liz Winnick, Taj Weekes and Adowa, Roberto “Congoman” Watts, Acme Jazz Ensemble, Mother, Uptown Local, anybody interesting, and everybody you haven't heard of. I have been a member of Dick's Hatband, (the un-reduntant) Whole Universe, All of Us, Poetic Notion, Electric Eye and many others. My major influences are musicians whose name begins with the letter “M”, and all other letters of the alphabet. I love listening to classic and obscure Soul, Funk, R&B and Stax recordings all night, writing music, discovering new music, baseball, and consuming unhealthy amounts of good beer and non-nutritious food including leftovers. I spent six years in college, but I did manage to get two degrees. I absolutely will eat meatloaf anywhere, anytime, anybody's.